Alpha School

Improved visibility and lead generation through Ads

The effectiveness of the digital strategy in Google and Meta Ads generated visibility and crucial contacts for the school

Alpha School Principal

The Challenge

Alpha School, a well-established educational institution, faced a significant challenge at the beginning of the 2023 school year.

Despite its reputation, the school experienced a downturn in its annual enrollment and website visits.

This decline was linked to demographic changes in the city of Neapolis. To address this situation, the school needed an effective digital marketing strategy to increase the visibility of its website and generate more leads and enrollments going into the school year.

The Solution

The selected strategy was an advertising campaign through Google Ads and Meta Ads, whose goal was to increase the school’s visibility and attract more potentially interested families.

The campaign involved the creation of targeted ads in both search and display emphasizing the school’s attributes, such as its curriculum, facilities and focus on holistic student development.

On Google Ads, paid search campaigns were implemented to rank at the top of Google search results, using keywords related to education and location. On Meta Ads, visual ads and videos were created targeting users with school-age children in the Neapolis region.

The Impact

The advertising campaign turned out to be effective. In a three-month period, visits to the school’s website increased by 75%, improving the school’s visibility. In addition, the school recorded a 60% increase in lead generation compared to the same period last year.

Furthermore, the conversion rate of these leads into enrollments increased by 25%, which contributed to the undoing of the downward trend in enrollments. The school attributed this result to the quality of the generated leads, thanks to precise segmentation and a focused approach to its target audience.

This use case illustrates the usefulness of digital marketing strategies and the potential impact they can have on educational institutions. Through Google Ads and Meta Ads, Alpha College was able to improve its visibility, generate more leads and, ultimately, increase its enrollment, laying the foundation for its stability in the upcoming school year.

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