Delta Company

Improving marketing strategy through competitor advertising research

In-depth analysis of advertising campaigns generated an increase in user engagement and sales

Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Delta, a company with a strong background in the retail sector, was facing a challenge in a highly competitive and advertising-saturated market.

Despite its expertise in the industry, Delta was challenged to keep up with its competitors’ advertising strategies and to differentiate its own campaigns.

This scenario called for a solution that would enable Delta to improve its marketing strategy and stand out in the marketplace.

The Solution

Delta decided to conduct a thorough research system that involved monitoring and analyzing its competitors’ advertising campaigns in order to gain insights and improve its own campaigns.

FJ Intelligence used a variety of data sources, including printed and digital media advertisements, social media, and competitors’ websites. In addition, data analytics tools and artificial intelligence technologies were employed to process and analyze the information gathered.

The information obtained from competitors’ advertising research was shared with Delta’s marketing and sales teams, enabling the creation of more effective and targeted advertising campaigns.

The Impact

The collaboration with FJ Intelligence had a significant impact on Delta. The company was able to identify its competitors’ effective advertising strategies, understand industry trends and improve its own advertising campaigns.

For instance, through competitors’ advertising research, Delta identified that one of its main competitors was achieving significant success through a series of video ads on social media. As a result, Delta decided to incorporate a similar strategy into its own campaigns, resulting in a 25% increase in user engagement and a 15% increase in sales.

In addition, Delta was able to anticipate the moves of its competitors and adjust its marketing strategy effectively. This allowed Delta to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market and improve its positioning among its potential customers.

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