Omega City

Development of a
Smart Tourist Destination

Destino Turístico Inteligente

Becoming a Smart Tourist Destination improved visitor experience and resource management

Innovation Director

The Challenge

Despite its natural and cultural attractiveness, the city needed a digital transformation to stay relevant in the face of new technologies that are increasingly being implemented in the social sphere. In addition, efficient resource management and reducing environmental impact were key priorities to meet the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The Solution

The main axes of this project are:

  • Digitalization and Connectivity: technological solutions were implemented to improve connectivity throughout the city. This included access points in tourist areas and a mobile application to guide visitors and recommend activities, provide interactive maps, and facilitate schedules for public transportation and other municipal services.
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: A series of sensors were deployed to collect real-time data and monitor energy and water consumption in hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. This allowed for more efficient management and the identification of areas for improvement.
  • Improved Visitor Experience: A centralized platform was created for booking accommodations, activities and events. Visitors can now customize their itinerary and receive recommendations based on their preferences.

El Impacto

Starting with tourists and visitors, they enjoyed a more seamless and personalized experience, increasing satisfaction and the likelihood of returning.

In addition, the city reduced its environmental impact by adopting greener and more efficient practices following constant monitoring of data collected by sensors.

Finally, Omega stood out as a modern and technologically advanced destination, attracting more visitors and generating sustainable economic revenue.