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As we move into the future, we face a radical transformation of our reality thanks to emerging technologies and disruptive innovations, the scope and impact of which we are yet to discover. The reports on technological foresight and trends published by the European Innovation Council (EIC) offer scientific support and evidence to the political decision-making process in Europe and unravel the possible effects of these technologies on our society and economic structure.

Among the innovations that will mark a before and after, the report highlights, among others, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things. These advances are destined to redefine entire sectors, generate new job opportunities, and promote a qualitative leap in our quality of life. However, they come with significant challenges, from job displacement to privacy concerns and ethical conflicts.

In addition to the emerging technologies mentioned, several stood out, including:

  • Bioinspired electronics
  • Quantum energy
  • Space Debris Recycling
  • Data centers at the edge of space
  • Ecosystem restoration linked to food production
  • Wireless power
  • Triboelectric nanogenerators in textiles
  • DNA data storage
  • Xenobots for advanced medicine
  • Quantum images
  • Atmospheric water generation
  • Bioconcrete
  • Remote drug manufacturing
  • Video games in medicine
  • 3D bioprinting of tissues
  • Body-on-a-chip to try new treatments

Faced with these challenges, it is necessary for those responsible for formulating public policies to adopt an anticipatory stance focused on proactive regulation and governance. In this sense, the reports propose various strategies, ranging from investment in education and training to creating ethical guidelines and establishing regulatory frameworks that promote a balance between innovation and social responsibility.

It is indisputable that the wave of emerging technologies and revolutionary innovations will continue to shape our existence momentously. By working closely together to address both the challenges and opportunities these technologies unlock, we are on the path to building a more flourishing and equitable future for all.

Access to reports:

EVERYBODY IS LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE! Literature review of the reports.

SCANNING DEEP TECH HORIZONS. Horizon scanning workshops focused on six priority areas.

TECHNOLOGY FORESIGHT FOR PUBLIC FUNDING OF INNOVATION. Six chapters were written by leading researchers and practitioners, focusing on specific forecasting methodologies ranging from Delphi survey, Genius forecasting, and large language models to Horizon scanning and scenarios.