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We monitor the online reputation
of your assets

We carry out audits of your online presence. We protect your brand nationally and internationally.

Right to be forgotten

Taking care of a company’s digital reputation is an essential task in the age of information. We constantly monitor the presence of your brand in the digital space, tracking any mention, comment or review related to your business.

This constant monitoring allows us to be prepared to quickly and effectively act in the face of any eventuality that may affect your company’s reputation. We strive to maintain the integrity of your brand and project a positive corporate image, promoting open and transparent communication with your target audience.

The right to be forgotten also plays an important role in the managing of reputation crises. A crisis can affect any company at any time, and a quick and effective response is vital to minimize the damage.

In this regard, we manage the removal or visibility reduction of harmful information, working closely with the relevant search engines and online platforms.

Brand protection

Brand protection is an essential component of your company’s integrity and identity in all fields. To achieve this, not only is trademark registration necessary, but also constant monitoring and legal action to prevent and respond to possible violations. In this regard, we perform meticulous regulatory oversight to keep your brand safe in an increasingly competitive market, avoiding confusion with competitors and ensuring that your company’s vision and mission are communicated clearly and effectively.

Threats to intellectual property have multiplied with the growth of the digital world. To address them, we partner with an international law firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP). Together, we implement proactive strategies to defend your brand, identify potential violations and apply legal measures where needed. This cooperation allows us to act quickly and effectively to mitigate any negative impact on your brand.

The value of your brand lies not only in its preservation, but also in its promotion. For this reason, we work closely with you to identify and enhance those aspects that make your brand unique. With our integrated information and legal services, we create and implement marketing and communication strategies that promote these aspects across all platforms and markets, both nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to increase your brand recognition, enhance its perception and foster customer loyalty, thereby helping your business reach its full potential.

Business cases

We use the Greek alphabet in our business cases to keep the names of our clients confidential.


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