Beta Company

Improved competitiveness by identifying opportunities and strategies in volatile international markets

The implementation of OSINT boosted our global competitiveness, unveiling market opportunities and clarifying competitive strategies

Sales Manager

The Challenge

Despite its previous success, the company was facing difficulties in identifying new market opportunities and understanding its competitors’ strategies.

This challenge required a solution that would allow Beta to maintain its competitive advantage and pursue its expansion into international markets.

The Solution

This system was designed to collect, analyze and distribute information from publicly available information sources on competitors, markets, products and industry trends. A variety of information sources were used, including international trade databases, market reports, social media, and industry news.

The OSINT system also involved the use of data analysis tools and artificial intelligence technologies to process large volumes of information and extract valuable insights. In addition, effective communication channels were established to share these insights with the company’s sales, marketing and strategy teams.

The Impact

Through the OSINT system, Beta discovered a growing interest in organic products in several Asian markets. As a result, the company was able to adapt its product offering and marketing strategy to meet this demand, resulting in a 30% sales increase in those markets within the first year.

The company was able to identify and respond to its competitors’ actions more quickly and effectively. This enabled Beta to maintain its competitive advantage and improve its positioning in international markets.