Gamma Company

Competitive Intelligence to improve product innovation and development

The trends research and competitor analysis accelerated the development of new products

R&D Department Manager

The Challenge

Despite its record of continuous innovation, Gamma faced the challenge of keeping up with the innovations and product developments of its competitors.

This scenario required a solution that would allow Gamma to maintain its leadership position and continue to drive innovation and product development.

The Solution

The strategy was based on a variety of information sources, including patents, scientific papers, industry reports, social media and competitors’ websites. A set of data analysis tools and artificial intelligence technologies were also employed to process large volumes of data and extract relevant information.

The competitive intelligence system also included the creation of a dashboard to share the information gathered with the R&D, sales and marketing teams, ensuring that all departments were aware of the latest developments and trends.

The Impact

For example, through the competitive intelligence system, Gamma identified a new trend in virtual reality technology. As a result, the company was able to incorporate similar features to its own products in a timely manner, resulting in a 20% increase in sales of those products.

In addition, the company was able to anticipate the actions of its competitors and adjust its strategy effectively. This helped Gamma maintain its competitive advantage and continue to drive product innovation and development.