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Technology surveillance is the systematic process of identifying, monitoring and analyzing information about the latest technologies, research and developments in a specific field. This information can be internal, external, or both.

Why is technological surveillance important?

Technology surveillance is important for companies because it helps them:

  • Anticipate technology trends: Technology surveillance helps companies identify emerging technology trends, allowing them to prepare for the changes ahead.
  • Identify new business opportunities: Technology surveillance can help companies identify new business opportunities, such as products or services that have not yet been developed.
  • Improve competitiveness: Technology surveillance can help companies stay ahead of the competition, adopting new technologies and developing new products or services.

How to carry out technological surveillance

Technology surveillance can be carried out through a variety of methods, including:

  • Primary source research: This includes reading scientific articles, attending conferences and events, and speaking with experts in the field.
  • Analysis of secondary sources: This includes reading news articles, analyst reports, and industry publications.
  • Social media monitoring: This can help companies identify new products, services or technologies that are not yet widely known.