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against change.

Competitive Intelligence + Digital Transformation

Transforming information into action to make accurate decisions and improve productivity since 2013.

Since our establishment in 2013, at FJ Intelligence we focus on empowering our clients to make the best decisions for their organizations, through technology and a customized approach.

With a solutions range that embraces competitive intelligence, strategic consulting and digital marketing, we empower our clients to have a better understanding of their competitive environment and optimize their decisions.

We handle information with the utmost respect, turning it into essential knowledge for effective decision making. We are proud to be proactive and flexible, always integrating new features to increase your productivity and efficiency.


Our solutions are employed in the public, private and non-profit sectors, facilitating organizations to quickly and effectively implement responses to the most complex challenges they face. We are not restricted to one single approach, but rather design and implement customized strategies for each client, meeting their specific needs and providing them with the competitive advantage they seek.

We detect and analyze market and competitors’ actions to anticipate changes in a competitive environment.

We provide the necessary intelligence to help you make the best decisions, identify opportunities and reduce risk.

We facilitate strategic planning for business success, detecting and analyzing market trends for effective change anticipation. We protect the reputation and intangible assets of companies, ensuring the right to oblivion and brand protection.

We promote the digital transformation of cities, using emerging technologies to create smart and sustainable spaces.

Our experts and collaborators combine skills and knowledge to forge smart and sustainable cities.

Find out what people think about your organization on the Internet and Social Media.

We analyze and manage your online presence. We turn criticism into something positive for your reputation.

Whether you are looking for an agency to develop your website or to explore new opportunities in offline design, discover how we can support you with our assistance and expertise.

Our creativity in your project is in responsible for conveying the emotional essence of your company. In this regard, our creative skills are combined with our technical abilities. In this way, your project not only will stand out visually, but will also perform exceptionally well.




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