Pi Company

Futures Workshops for a culture of anticipation and innovation

The Futures Workshop fostered a culture of anticipation and learning among employees

R&D Department Director

The Challenge

Despite its potential and initial achievements, Pi lacked a clear vision of the emerging trends in its sector and an understanding of the strategies adopted by its competitors.

It needed a solution that would enable them to anticipate change and stay ahead of the curve, while fostering an organizational culture of anticipation and proactivity.

The Solution

Through interactive and collaborative sessions, Pi employees discovered strategic foresight methodologies and scenario techniques to explore possible futures and their implications for their business.

The workshops used a variety of information sources, including market research, industry reports and expert analysis.

The Impact

For example, through these workshops, Pi could identify a growing demand for artificial intelligence solutions in the healthcare sector, enabling it to develop and launch innovative products to meet this need ahead of its competitors.

In addition, participation in the workshops fostered an organizational culture of anticipation and continuous learning at Pi. The company was able to repeat these interactive sessions with its employees on a monthly basis to boost its growth and competitiveness. In this way, Pi learned to make more informed decisions. For example, when new regulations emerged in its industry, Pi was already prepared to comply with them and leverage them as a competitive advantage.